Popular Exhibition Featuring Exploration of Materials at an Atomic Scale

March 13, 2018

Sioux Falls, SD  – There are only six weeks left to explore the shapes and structures of things in our world – at the nanoscale at the Washington Pavilion. After a January debut at the Kirby Science Discovery Center, ZOOM INTO NANO has delighted children and adults alike with its variety of large-scale, immersive experiences in the world of nanotechnology. 

  • Patrons can zoom into tiny structures and devices to see the amazing beauty of natural and manmade objects at very high magnification.  
  • Children and parents alike can immerse into models of atoms and molecules that are enlarged to 100 million times their actual size. 
  • Check out the full body interactive, where you use your hands to grab and pull apart the ends of a virtual RNA molecule. When you let go, the molecule folds back up into its natural shape. 
  • Try dissolving a virtual salt crystal by using your body’s movement to generate heat.
  • Molecules are too small to see, but not too small to smell! Use your senses on a nano journey from small (sand), to smaller (dust), to nano (smell). 
  • Experience the constant motion of atoms and molecules in the “Atom Transporter.” Arrange individual atoms into a pattern while they’re moving. Are you up to the challenge? 

On March 27-31, the Washington Pavilion will be recognizing National Nano Days with special programs, activities and events centered around nanotechnology.

Advances in nanotechnology are likely to change the way we develop almost everything – from faster computers, to new medicines to treat diseases and technologies that are beyond our imagination.

ZOOM INTO NANO was developed by Sciencenter of Ithaca, NY, through a partnership with Cornell University, with funding from the National Science Foundation. The temporary exhibition will be at the Washington Pavilion through April 17, 2018, and is sponsored by Parker Transfer & Storage.

Washington Pavilion members can visit the temporary exhibition for free while regular Kirby Science Discovery Center and Visual Arts Center daily admission rates apply for non-members.

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