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Kirby Science Discovery Center
May 27 - September 4, 2017

Do you have what it takes to build your math muscle? Use your senses, body and mind to find out as you play with ratios and proportions. Math Moves! is now open in the Kirby Science Discovery Center.

Math is fun, and even more fun when you play with its concepts as a team. Join other visitors in exploring key math concepts with all sorts of activities that use your brain, your senses and your hands and feet. Math Moves! invites you to experience ratio, proportion, fractions, geometry and more in a physical, cooperative and above all, memorable way! 

Flex your math muscles and stimulate mathematical imagination while building interest, confidence and skill, this summer at the Kirby Science Discovery Center!

Partner Motion
Walk back and forth, slowly and quickly, to see how your rate of motion affects a graph on a screen.
Comparing Forms
A truly physical experience, learners use their body and other measuring tools to investigate proportional relationships.
Drawing with Gears
Draw harmonic patterns using proportional wheels to produce complex, circular drawings on paper that you can take home or post on the component.
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Developed in Partnership by:
Explora, Albuquerque
Museum of Science, Boston
Museum of Life and Science, Durham
Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education (CRIMSE) at San Diego State University
TERC, Cambridge

With the support of the National Science Foundation.

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