Educational Movies

The Wells Fargo CineDome shows a variety of mission-based, educational documentaries, and they are included with your admission to the Kirby Science Discovery Center! Enjoy educational movies on the 60-foot domed screen and immerse yourself in adventures, from interstellar travel to Arctic expeditions!

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Wild Africa

Wild Africa

Runtime: 42 minutes

Wild Africa takes audiences on a spectacular journey across, over and through the magical realms of the wildest continent on earth. It's an adventure where you will truly believe the real world is more extraordinary and awe-inspiring than any fiction.

Journey to Space

Journey to Space

Runtime: 42 minutes 

Discover how NASA’s shuttle program has led to its exciting new era of space exploration. Uncover what NASA and the space community are working on, and the challenges they face to carry out bold missions such as capturing asteroids and landing astronauts on Mars.

Amazon Adventure

Amazon adventure

Runtime: 45 minutes 

This film tells the epic, true story of explorer Henry Bates' fascinating 11 year journey through the visually stunning and bio-diverse Amazon rainforest. As a young man, Bates risks his life for science in the 1850's.

The Light Before Christmas

The Light Before Christmas 2D

Runtime: 28 minutes 

The Candleman teaches Katie and Makean that Christmas is more than just presents.


Library Films at the Wells Fargo CineDome:

We have additional mission films available for groups upon request. 

Titles Include:

  • Journey to Space
  • National Park Adventure
  • The Light Before Christmas (seasonal) 
  • Extreme Weather 
  • Incredible Predators
  • Dream Big: Engineering Wonders of the World
  • The Last Reef: Cities Beneath the Sea
  • Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West
  • Tiny Giants