Plays For Living

Plays for Living Theatre Company

Through the Plays for Living Theatre Company, theatre students at DAPA at the Washington Pavilion perform in the community as a means of educating students and community members. Plays are designed to provoke conversation and raise awareness and communication around sensitive social issues.


Zero, One, Two (Preschool and Early Childhood audience)
A brief storytelling performance that takes three children's books about numbers and colors and shares a message of celebrating our differences and accepting everyone.

Devon’s Hurt  (2nd and 3rd grade audience)
A performance for young audiences about coping with hurt feelings.
"Devon's Hurt" is funded in part by a grant from Sioux Valley Energy. 

What’s the Difference? (4th and 6th grade audience)
A fast-paced performance based on the classic Alice in Wonderland tale tackles the issues of diversity, discrimination, bullying, stereotypes and cliques.

Thin Ice (5th grade audience)
An interactive play addressing the dangers of gateway drugs.

The Survivors (7th grade- adult audiences)
A play about depression and suicide prevention for teenagers.

Where Does It End? (8th grade - adult audiences)
A powerful play addressing bullying and prejudice and its ugly consequences for teenagers.

To book a play at your school/business/organization, contact us.