The Art of Design

February 7 - May 3, 2020

Visual Arts Center | Everist Gallery 

The world of things is more than the body of everyday equipment that accompanies our lives. It is a laboratory where the intentions of makers and marketers collide with unstable scenarios of past, present and future use. The Art of Design explores this terrain of contact and collision in the form of student projects that engage in a dialogue with all major fields of practice in design.

The projects for this exhibition were developed in the setting of South Dakota Art and Design Programs taught by a variety of professors from across the state. Though design is often broadly concerned with intersections between, engineering, society and culture, each piece in the gallery is also concerned with its function as art. Design as art is a concept often wrought with contention. This exhibition displays that the world of creative thinking is vast and expressive and all art making is first concerned with design. As art and design often appear in collaboration this exhibition can be analyzed with respect to its materials, properties and affordances, the broader family of objects to which it belongs and the socio-historical context in which it was produced and circulated.

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