Augustana Student Invitational

September 10, 2021 - February 13, 2022

Visual Arts Center | Young Artists Gallery

Within the greater context of Augustana University’s liberal arts mission, the Art Department develops students’ awareness of the diversity of human cultures and ways of visual thinking and expression, both past and present. This provides a strong foundation for engaging today’s complex and ever-changing global world.

Augustana’s Art faculty provide a deeply supportive environment for students to develop their studio practice, to deepen their capacity to ask questions, to broaden their expressive potential, to probe unknowns and provides a cognitive framework for understanding their own creativity in relationship to the history of art and culture, and contemporary conversations in art practice. The studio process foregrounds the interplay of intuition and response as students interact with physical materials and the elements and principles of art and design. Studio classes are hands-on and process-oriented. Students make decisions and problem-solve through a material to discover or learn something about themselves and the world they live in. Class critiques largely parallel this same process of intuition and response in a group dynamic of dialogue and questions.

As a requirement to earning an art major at Augustana University, art students present a portfolio of their work to the full art faculty and their peers in a public critique during the spring of their sophomore and junior years. The works in this exhibition have been selected by the art faculty from the spring 2021 reviews, and exemplify a range of projects created in Augustana art courses. We are proud to present the work of the following artists: Allison Altwine, Camryn Bird, Angie Cagle, Brynn Collinsworth, Grace Dixon, Treigh Falcon, Haley Hoffer, Alexa Lammers, Mearah Miedema, Hanna Morin, Gracie Rothering, Yushi Schieffer, Blake Schumacher, Elaine Taggatz and Lauryn Van Regenmorter.

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