Cat, Tiger, Cat

Cat, Tiger, Cat

Artwork by Judith R. Peterson

March 18 – June 19, 2022

Visual Arts Center | Shultz Gallery 

Millions of us in the United States have cats as family companions. Cat videos are wildly popular on YouTube, and the hashtag #cat on TikTok has garnered billions of views. We are immersed in a world of cat images, but have we really seen them? This exhibit asks to look at cats and consider our relationship with them. What do we see when we look at cats? What are cats thinking when they look back at us? Who is the tiger cat?

Judith R. Peterson’s visual art has been featured by South Dakota Public Broadcasting, the South Dakota State Medical Association and numerous publications including the Argus Leader of Sioux Falls. Her work has been exhibited extensively regionally. She does ongoing photography for the Healing Words Foundation in cooperation with the South Dakota State Medical Association. Much of her recent work concerns public health photography, botanical studies and cats.

Artist Statement
The original inspiration for the Cat, Tiger, Cat artwork was the concept of cats as a power grid absorbing and radiating energy.
The series started as 4x6 postcards but then kept going off in new directions.
There were small cats and big cats.
There were sleeping cats and pouncing cats.
There were solitary cats and walls of cats. There are now hundreds of cats in different media and sizes and the work continues to evolve.
—J. Peterson