Dakota State University Students | Shadow Casting 2.0

March 30 - July 17, 2021

Visual Arts Center | Young Artists Gallery 

In this exhibition we invite the museum visitors to use the flashlight of a phone to cast shadows of the wire-constructed wildlife, bringing to life the static sculpture in a vivid animation of light and shadow.

Starting with a skeletal armature and using a diagram as a guide, these artists choose a four-legged animal, in a standing pose, that has multiple photographic images on the internet. Each sculpture is a diagram of the animal from different angles: side, top, front and back, bend, wrap and attach the wire so that it contains the volume of your animal. While constructing the animals, artist frequently shined a flashlight through and around the structure to make sure, the cast shadows continued to describe the characteristics of the animal.

The wire spheres on the ceiling are in reference to conversations about how the COVID-19 global pandemic brought a lot of darkness into our lives, separating us and keeping our faces covered. We wanted to create an experience for people where they could bring light to this unfortunate situation.  Shadow Casting was our 2020 interactive exhibit at DSU, where visitors brought the light and played with shadows cast through three-dimensional wire structures.

Dakota State University Artist Names: 

Braxton Albers, Alex Adermann, Evan Becker, Garet Behnk, Alec (AJ) Bollman, Andrew Cotton, Lainy Culberson, Austin Donat, Brooklyn Goosen, Chase Hall, Ketia Hanson, Coal Halverson, Jacob His Law, Nate Ince, Josie Johnson, Mateo Kirstine, Conner Knepp, Kaden Krusemark, Kathleen Lange, Autumn Meyer, Alex Neill, Em Odney, Tyler Orcutt, Willow Richards, Megan Sankey, Ryan Shaeffer, Phusuda Sheehan, Isabel Small, Thet Soe, Ashton Songer, Caster Sylliaasen, Derrek Thompson, Andrew Vasek, Derian Voigt, Ben Wilson

Sandra Champion, Instructor of Digital Sound Design, Ryan Little, Xander Morrison, Spencer Raap, Mason Wieman

Several of the pieces displayed in this gallery are available for purchase. For more information, please contact the Visual Arts Center at 605-731-2493 or visualartscenter@washingtonpavilion.org.

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