Going Metro

June 4 - October 31, 2021

Visual Arts Center | Jerstad Gallery 

Going Metro is an exhibition born from a multi layered collaborative effort between artists, researchers, city officials and transit users and workers. The goal of the project is to facilitate a program series cultivating creative conversations about transportation as the City of Sioux Falls seeks to innovate its transit system. The Sioux Falls Design Center facilitated a call to artists for an exhibition at the Washington Pavilion. The art and design ideas encourage visions of what sustainable, functional and creative transit concepts. The artist’s submissions focused on wide variety of concepts and ideas looking at the past, present and future of transit. Leaving us with a sense of nostalgia, urgency and lasting taste guides us to hope for a more accessible future for all Sioux Falls residences. This conversation will help keep the future of transit as publicly minded and placing humanity equal to efficiency. 

As part of the grant process Kate Chanba will be coming to the Washington Pavilion for public lecture. Kate is production designer for Apple. She has a robust resumé and background in working with cities large and small. Kate enjoys creating tools that enrich the experience of urban environments and offer a sense of place. She is passionate about multimodal cities, comfortable bike routes and proactive government.

You can find more information about Kate Chanba at www.kchanba.com

“The vast majority of people that use a public transit system don’t have additional options; they don’t have the option to get in a vehicle. That is their sole means of getting around. In the summertime, it’s quite nice, but really, public transit is such a staple for so many people.” -Kellen Boice

Grant Directors and Facilitators:
Stacey McMahan | Koch Hazard | Sioux Falls Design Center
Sara Lum | Startup Sioux Falls

Cody Henrichs | VAC Curator 
Liz Heeren | Professor USD, Director Ipso Gallery 
Angelica Mercado Ford | South Dakota Voices for peace
Allie Hartzler | City of Sioux Falls
Kellen Boice | Sioux Falls Arts Council

Artists: Diana Behl, Kellen Boice, Steve Bormes, Nichole Cross, Rodger Ellingson, Epiphany Knedler, Jon Nguyen, Mary Payton, Nick Poppens, Tim Rickett, Erik Ritter, Jay Sanchez, Scott Nguyen and Rebekah Howard

Visit the Jerstad Gallery today to see the different views on transportation using art. 

Several of the pieces displayed in this gallery are available for purchase. For more information, please contact the Visual Arts Center at 605-731-2493 or visualartscenter@washingtonpavilion.org.

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