Jessie Rasche | Infinite Landscape

June 26 - October 11, 2020

Visual Arts Center | Bates Trimble Gallery 

Artist Statement: 

This series celebrates the abundance of life on the prairie. It focuses on the connection our people and animals have with each other and with the land. Emotional connection is the focus of my artwork because I believe personal relationships and connections to the life around us make life fulfilling. I hope viewers of this exhibit feel a nostalgic connection to the prairie and the animals we share it with, as they are surrounded by the calming influence of resting and grazing animals and the movement of native birds. All of these paintings have strong brush and pallet knife marks, expressing a love of the materials and process as well as of the subject matter.

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Jessie Rasche grew up in Seattle, WA. She spent much of her early childhood in a community of artists who shared their art-making techniques with her. This early experience instilled in her an admiration for artistic skill and a love for creating art. Rasche studied fine art at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and later earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Oregon, after which she continued taking art classes with master painters. Jessie now lives in Brookings, SD with her family. Brookings is a small college town in the center of America, surrounded by wide open farmland and herds of animals. Much of Rasche’s current work focuses on groups of animals in this wide-open landscapes and reflects her love for the beautiful prairie land and her spiritual interest in the connection between living things. “I want my work to capture the sweet and simple connection between animals and to share that with the people who see my art. I hope it will bring people that soothing feeling that comes from being in this landscape, close to these animals” says Jessie. Rasche is an internationally collected painter with artwork in South Dakota’s public collection in Pierre, Sanford Hospital’s public collections at the Edith Sanford Breast Center and the Sanford Hospital Memorial Garden in Sioux Falls. Her works have been published in South Dakota Magazine, Oakwood Literary Magazine and other magazines and newspapers.