At the Point of Convergence

At the Point of Convergence

January 10 - June 1, 2023
Visual Arts Center | University Gallery 

Featuring Artwork by: Craig Carver, Sam English, Helen Frankenthaler, James Gibson, Liz Heeren, Wade Patton, John Loring Perkins, Pierre August Renoir, Thomas Rickers, Kurt and Marsha Runstadler, Mel Spinar and Signe Stuart

At the Point of Convergence brings together artworks from the Visual Arts Center Permanent Collection that speak to important junctures. A new year means the ending of another; a meeting of the minds leads to new ideas; taking a new path leads to transformation and growth.

Throughout the work in the show, a line appears as a connecting thought from piece to piece, undulating in ups and downs. A familiar, abstract shape speaks to the peaks and valleys that happen on the way to the point of transformation. Other works depict the interactions of human figures with the natural world and a sense of spirituality.

Selected from more than 1,600 objects in the Permanent Collection, these 12 pieces bring contemporary South Dakota artists such as Wade Patton and Liz Heeren alongside New York abstract expressionist Helen Frankenthaler and French impressionist Pierre Auguste Renoir.

Sponsored by:

 SD Arts Council

South Dakota Arts Council support is provided with funds from the State of South Dakota, through the Department of Tourism, and the National Endowment for the Arts.