Pom Art: Tunnel Vision and the Voids

Pom Art: Tunnel Vision and the Voids

Artwork by Amy Moir

Now – April 14, 2024

Visual Arts Center | Shultz Gallery

Tunnel Vision
This piece is an examination of choices made and the patterns formed from those choices. The process was to never repeat patterns and to make each strand unique. Every strand is a new cycle to journey through. Every pom is an opportunity to make a new choice, forge a new path and try something new and unexpected. The pattern is the comfort zone, the sameness that keeps us from the unknown but threatens us with stagnation. The tunnel acts as a haven for us to shelter in while we ponder the choices we make and the consequences of those choices. It is an invitation to turn inward and examine the self and how we move through life. What patterns do we repeat? Does it serve us to endlessly change and never be consistent? Will we continually choose the comfort of normality and sameness instead of braving a new path? This is what "Tunnel Vision" invites us to explore.

The Voids
The "Voids" serve as a representation of the unknown. A contrast to all the colorful pieces in "Tunnel Vision," the "Voids" show us the foreboding darkness that lies beyond our comfort zone. These are the choices that were not made. These are the paths we dared not follow. These "Voids" entice us with their new potentialities yet unnerve us with their inherent uncertainties. They offer the potential to break free of our patterns and give us a chance to explore their seemingly boundless depths of opportunities. What do these new opportunities have to offer? Will we become lost without a pattern to guide us? Can we forge a new path without becoming lost in the darkness? Can this glittering blackness deliver us from stagnation? Or will these depths swallow us whole? This is what the "Voids" wish you to consider.


Amy Moir is an artist residing in Sioux Falls. The aim of her current art practice is to explore subconscious patterns and attempt to subvert those patterns to make something new and unexpected. She uses pom poms as a medium because they are fun and full of joy. Amy has long struggled with mental health, and a recent diagnosis of autism has led her on a journey of self-discovery using art as an outlet for expression. Through her art practice, she reflects on those discoveries and translates them into the work.

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 SD Arts Council  Sioux Falls Arts Council

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