So Long, Farewell

April 7 - July 29, 2018

Visual Arts Center | Contemporary Gallery 

See animals in a new light, and try your hand at the ultimate memory card game. 

In So Long, Farewell, artworks both playful and sobering invite us to consider our relationship with animals and our environment. The exhibition takes its name from Daisy Patton’s So Long, Farewell: Extinction in the Anthropocene Era, a playable memory card game consisting of animals from North and South America labeled as extinct in the wild or critically endangered. With over 600 cards total, So Long, Farewell is unwieldy and virtually unplayable without deep concentration and focus—something desperately needed now to stave off calamity. Complementing the game, works by Lori Larusso, Areca Roe and Sandra Williams explore the conflicting meanings we give animals: as food, companions, shapes for candies and decorations, and captive entertainment. Transforming trash to art, Calder Kamin’s whimsical portraits of animals made with plastic bags examine how items made for our convenience impact our environment.

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