Visual Maniacs

January 8 - June 13, 2021

Visual Arts Center | Entrance Gallery 

Step back in time and witness the growth of posters in our society. Posters have often been plagued with professional art criticisms being called low brow or commercial work. Over time the poster has proven to be as valuable as the more accepted print works considered to high art.

The exhibition posters seen on display in the Entrance Gallery have been collected by the Washington Pavilion over the last 70 years. They range in content from Robert Rauschenberg in New York, to Abstract expressionist exhibition in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In some cases, art exhibition posters are the only part of the exhibition that an average patron could ever own, so in that way they become the living embodiment of an experience, a nostalgic reminder of an inspirational moment. 

Visit the Visual Arts Center today and enjoy your own inspirational moment in one of our eight galleries! 

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Several of the pieces displayed in this gallery are available for purchase. For more information, please contact the Visual Arts Center at 605-731-2493 or