Washington Pavilion Gala Exhibition

Washington Pavilion Gala Exhibition

April 21 – June 6, 2023

Visual Arts Center | Gallery 301 (formerly the Entrance Gallery)

For the past 60 years, the Washington Pavilion of Arts & Science and formerly the Civic Fine Arts Center have come together for an evening to celebrate and support the arts. This rich history of cultural philanthropy and creative celebration continues this year in the 2nd Annual Washington Pavilion Gala. The artists included in this year’s Gala exhibition were hand-selected by our curators and museums team based on their demonstration of continued excellence in their individual practice. Each artist selected presents a distinct value to our arts community, either in the way they make art, what they make or the story their work tells. The pieces represent a true cross-section of the arts in our region, with artists coming from a wide range of experiences. 

Artist Names:

  • Amanda Boerger
  • Tom Dempster
  • Molly Fulton
  • Carl Grupp
  • Rick Haugen
  • Liz Heeren 
  • Laura Jewell 
  • Karen Kinder 
  • Brad Kringen 
  • Quintin Owens 
  • Mary Payton
  • Jessie Rasche 
  • Cristen Roghair 
  • Joe Schaeffer
  • Paul Schiller
  • Barbara Sparks 
  • Emilia Van Ert