Dinosaurs of Antarctica

2020 | Rated G
Runtime: 40 minutes

The first original large format dinosaur film in over a decade, "Dinosaurs of Antarctica" introduces audiences to the amazing and bizarre prehistoric creatures that inhabited Antarctic forests and swamps hundreds of millions of years ago.  

Featuring top-tier computer graphics from the studio responsible for visual effects in "Bladerunner 2049," "Life of Pi" and other blockbuster Hollywood titles, "Dinosaurs of Antarctica" is an epic chronicle of a prehistoric world now lost to ice, a 250 million year odyssey from the Permian ice age through the warm and lush Age of Dinosaurs – and back again to the frozen desert we know today. The film’s next level CGI takes audiences on the hunt with "Cryolophosaurus," the largest known early Jurassic carnivore on Earth. Moving further back in time,"Antarctosuchus," a colossal amphibian unique to Antarctica, lurks below the surface of an ancient river. From glaciers to Glacialisaurus, the film brings Antarctica's dramatic transformation to life with a cast of bizarre, new-to-science dinosaurs and a team of paleoecologists working to reconstruct Antarctica’s hidden—greener—past.

Traveling through deep time, the film explores the causes and repercussions of a changing climate, investigating the end of Earth’s last ice age and seeking clues to the future as we face human-triggered warming today. 

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