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Illustration courtesy of CONFLUENCE.
In partnership with the City of Sioux Falls, the Washington Pavilion has redesigned and renovated the grounds of the Paladino Hohm Sculpture Garden. The Paladino Hohm Sculpture Garden’s footprint at the intersection of 11th Street and Main Avenue has been expanded to include the entire northeast corner of the Washington Pavilion property. The sculpture garden features several new sculptures, a water fountain, native South Dakotan plants and grasses, casual seating and an area for small outdoor performances and events. The new sculpture garden will be open and accessible to the public throughout the year and utilized for public programs, private events such as weddings, corporate events and other celebrations.
For years, Jack Paladino and his wife, Marsha Hohm-Paladino, enjoyed tending to the grounds at the Washington Pavilion Paladino Hohm Sculpture Garden, which they had named in honor of their parents. After Marsha’s death in 2014 from early-onset Alzheimer’s, Jack wanted to honor his wife’s memory; enhancing the garden seemed the perfect way to do it. A fountain at the center of the sculpture garden was put in place specifically with Marsha in mind. It is adorned with bronze elements inspired by a sketch Jack found in one of Marsha’s journals of a shape resembling the graceful blend of butterfly and angel wings.

To schedule and event in the Paladino Hohm Sculpture Garden, please contact events@washingtonpavilion.org or 605-367-7397 Ext. 7.




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