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Management Team (605) 367-7397 Ext  Email address
President & CEO: Darrin Smith 2494 dsmith@washingtonpavilion.org
Vice President of Finance: Jane Hathaway 2310 jhathaway@washingtonpavilion.org
Director, Community Learning Center: Rose Ann Hofland 2350 rhofland@washingtonpavilion.org
Director, Kirby Science Discovery Center: Erica Lacey 2373 elacey@washingtonpavilion.org
Vice President of Operations:  Jon Loos 2312 jloos@washingtonpavilion.org
Director, Visual Arts Center: Kara Dirkson 2349 kdirkson@WashingtonPavilion.org
Director, Husby Performing Arts Center: Regina Ruhberg 2344 rruhberg@washingtonpavilion.org
Director, Patron Services: John Seitz 2343 jseitz@washingtonpavilion.org
Director, Marketing: Rebecca Sevening 2367 rsevening@washingtonpavilion.org  
Director, Public Relations: Michele Wellman 2306 mwellman@washingtonpavilion.org
Director, Development: Ann Parker 2311 aparker@washingtonpavilion.org
Group Sales and Playbill Advertising    
Sales Executive: TJ Polzin 2413 tpolzin@washingtonpavilion.org   
Event’s Department    
Events Manager: Allyson Kasch 2363 akasch@washingtonpavilion.org 
Events Coordinator: Kyra Hansen 2345 khansen @washingtonpavilion.org
Events Coordinator: Elizabeth Stirling 2317 estirling@WashingtonPavilion.org

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