Design Challenge

Design Challenge

April 21, 2018
Theme: The Incredible and Amazing Superhero Adventure!


Join us for Design Challenge: The Incredible and Amazing Superhero Adventure! Teams will be challenged to design and create a superhero (or superhero team) and a gadget or powers that addresses a specific task (chosen by the team) that would better humankind. Prizes will be awarded to the top teams!

How to Get Involved

The registration deadline has passed. If you have questions about being involved in Design Challenge 2019, contact us at 605-731-2348 or


Teams should have two to five members. Our age groups are K-2nd | 3rd-5th | 6th-8th | 9th-12th. Please note that teams with members that span multiple age groups will be placed according to its oldest members.


Free! There is no cost to participate in the Design Challenge. Cost of additional materials should not exceed $10. 

Design Challenge is an annual Washington Pavilion program that aims to motivate and inspire innovation in students through a hands-on engineering challenge. The theme changes every year and requires students to tap into the worlds of science, technology, engineering and math to channel their inner Einstein.