Board & Emeritus

Board of Trustees & Advisory Boards

The Washington Pavilion’s Board of Trustees is the governing body, charged with upholding the mission and vision of the organization (listed) below. Each division of the Washington Pavilion also has an advisory board (see below following Board of Trustees list).

Officers for the Board of Trustees

  • Chair: Julie Ward
  • Vice Chair: Jeff Hurley
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Jim Mathis
  • (+) Mayoral Appointees: Rich Garry, Brad Heegel, and Dave Knudson

Members of the Board of Trustees

  • Julie Ashworth* (Chair CLC Committee)
  • Steve Erpenbach 
  • Rich Garry (+)
  • Jeffrey Gednalske
  • Lizbeth Gullickson 
  • Angie Haft 
  • Brad Heegel (+)
  • Jeff Hurley 
  • Brian Jans 
  • Beth Jensen 
  • Rory Kelly (Ex Officio, Chair HPAC Advisory Board)
  • Dave Knudson (+)
  • Jason Lemke (Ex Officio, Chair KSDC Advisory Board)
  • Jim Mathis (Chair Finance Committee)
  • Kim Patrick 
  • Steven Sanford 
  • James Sturdevant 
  • Bill Townsend 
  • Tom Wadsworth 
  • Julie Ward 
  • Michele Weber (Ex Officio, Chair VAC Advisory Board)
  • Jennifer Kirby

Advisory Boards

Husby Performing Arts Center Advisory Board advises on providing a cultural, entertainment, and educational presence for the citizens of Sioux Falls and the tri-state region through the presentation of quality performing arts experiences in a fiscally responsible environment.

Kirby Science Discovery Center Advisory Board provides guidance to provide residents and visitors of all ages with the premier regional opportunity to experience science and to stimulate lifelong wonderment, curiosity, and learning through interactive exhibits, programs, and films that are both educational and entertaining.

Visual Arts Center Advisory Board and Committees advise how to bring the visual arts to children and adults through exhibitions, education, Permanent Collection access and preservation as well as special events.

Community Learning Center Committee’s mission shall be to provide expertise and guidance to the Community Learning Center using a dynamic, mission-driven approach.   

Finance Committee’s mission is to completely and with precision, timely review all financial records generated by Washington Pavilion Management, Inc. (WPMI) to ensure the Board of Trustees (BOT) has accurate and complete financial information for strategic & operational decision making impacting the short and long term mission of the Washington Pavilion.  

Development Committee shall assist the Washington Pavilion in raising financial and other resources for the organization. This committee reviews the development and fundraising strategies of the organization.  It addresses public and private, corporate and individual, annual, capital and endowment issues and offers recommendations to staff and the trustees.