Health Quest by Sanford

Health Quest by Sanford

Fourth Floor | Kirby Science Discovery Center

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Health Quest by Sanford features fun, interactive exhibits themed in health and wellness, allowing kids to learn about and explore topics such as anatomy, DNA, emergency care and medical occupations. Experience incredible, engaging exhibits like The Bone Bin, All About Me, Build a Creature, DNA and so many more introduce children to the fascinating world of health and fitness.

  • A large-scale body exhibit complete with bones, organs and more encourages children to explore and understand the inner workings of the human body.
  • Step into a nearly life-sized ambulance and learn about the equipment and practices used by first responders and medical professionals every day to save lives.
  • Little ones will enjoy the dedicated infant and toddler space, designed for young children to play with exhibits just for them.
  • NEW! Challenge your friends and family in our Reaction Time Race to determine who is the fastest before time runs out! 

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