Prehistoric Adventure Climber

Prehistoric Adventure Climber

Fourth Floor | Kirby Science Discovery Center

The Washington Pavilion and the David B. Jones Foundation have partnered to provide an exhibit on the fourth floor of the Kirby Science Discovery Center that combines fitness, education and fun. The two-story tall Prehistoric Adventure Climber offers experiences found nowhere else including:

  • Enter through a tunnel of dinosaur bones and explore passageways on four different levels. Crawl through crates, discover caves and climb numerous corridors in your quest to reach the top of the towering structure.
  • Glide back down to the bottom the easy, fun and fast way on the 7-foot turbo tube slide or race a friend down on the side-by-side slides.
  • Imagine how dinosaurs roared when you use the talk tubes to transmit your voice to different areas of the climber. The exhibit includes a dozen other interactives such as telescopes, puzzles and more.
  • Fill buckets with dinosaur bones and use a pulley system to transfer them overhead to the other side. The exhibit’s prehistoric theme extends through the colors and textures as you climb sedimentary rocks and find fossils. Radley Rex will be your tour guide.

Areas of this climber are ADA-accessible. Kids of all ages and abilities gravitate toward this exhibit.

This exhibit is possible due to an incredibly generous grant from the David B. Jones Foundation and the support of fourth floor sponsor Sanford Health.

David B Jones FoundationSanford Health

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