Sweetman Planetarium

A world-class planetarium will open right here in the Washington Pavilion in 2023! 

Planetariums use sophisticated computer technologies, video projection, animation and contemporary music to educate about stars, planets and constellations. The new planetarium technology will be installed in the current Wells Fargo CineDome, and the facility will be used as both a theater and a planetarium. The planetarium will include:

  • A Digistar 7 high-resolution (nearly 7K) projector, producing incredible visuals and effects
  • A new NanoSeam dome screen, making seams invisible for better viewing
  • An AstroFX Audio Advanced 5.1 surround system, creating an immersive experience
  • New lighting

This investment in state-of-the-art technology will create the most advanced planetarium system in the United States. Exciting programs and experiences will be possible, like:

  • Stargazing date nights for the couple looking for a unique outing
  • Live space launch viewings for the curious explorer-at-heart
  • Thought-provoking discussions on our place in the universe
  • Opportunities for children and adults alike to learn about space and space exploration

This project is possible thanks to a transformational gift from the Dick and Kathy Sweetman family. The new facility will be named the Wells Fargo CineDome & Sweetman Planetarium. The new facility is scheduled to open in late summer 2023.

Opening Late Summer 2023!