Wells Fargo CineDome & Sweetman Planetarium

The Wells Fargo CineDome & Sweetman Planetarium is NOW OPEN!

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Cities of the Future

| Rated
Runtime: 40 minutes

Step into the future and discover the exciting innovations engineers are working on right now to help meet the challenges of a changing world–from electric flying cars and aerial highways to smart buildings and solar energy beamed down from space. Narrated by John Krasinski.

Magic Globe

| Rated G
Runtime: 29 minutes

Students will explore the seasons in this visually stunning and engaging show. The show will discuss the cause and effect of the seasons including the tilt of the Earth, the motion of the Sun and how the seasons affect ecosystems on Earth.

Unseen Universe

2021 | Rated G
Runtime: 25 minutes

Unseen Universe makes what was once thought to be unseeable, seeable.

Wings Over Water

2022 | Rated G
Runtime: 45 minutes

Witness the triumphs and challenges of these remarkable creatures that defy all odds and soar across mountains, deserts, cities and forests as they head home to raise their young.

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Wells Fargo  Aerostar