Finance Advisory Board

The Finance Advisory Board's mission is to completely and with precision, timely review all financial records generated by Washington Pavilion Management, Inc. (WPMI) to ensure the Board of Trustees (BOT) has accurate and complete financial information for strategic and operational decision making impacting the short and long term mission of the Washington Pavilion. The Executive Finance Committee also serves as the Audit Committee.

Chief Finance Officer
Jane Hathaway

Officers for the Finance Advisory Board

  • Chair: Rochelle Sweetman
  • Vice-Chair: Per Ostrem

Members of the Finance Advisory Board

  • Amy Baete
  • Meghan Goldammer
  • Jason Herrboldt 
  • Tom Huber
  • Per Ostrem
  • Shawn Pritchett
  • Rhonda Roesler 
  • Rochelle Sweetman
  • Tom Wadsworth