Current Exhibits

With over 100 interactive exhibits, the Kirby Science Discovery Center offers an incredible array of fun and educational activities! Admission gets you entrance to the KSDC and unlimited films in the Wells Fargo CineDome.

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Exhibits subject to change and are dependent on traveling exhibition schedule. Please call 605-367-6000 to confirm the availability of exhibits. 

ZOOM INTO NANO presents a variety of large-scale, immersive experiences in the world of nanotechnology. Zoom into tiny structures and devices to see the amazing beauty of natural and manmade objects at very high magnification. 

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Engage in the extraordinary conditions of space exploration from operating a robotic arm to launching a rocket and building a colony on Mars. Discover what is possible and what awaits in orbit and beyond. Presented in English and Spanish text. Sponsored by Architecture Incorporated. 

Come and play in this special room for children 7 and younger. Explore nature-themed interactives, including the water table, flower wall and insect specimens.

Touch a tornado, meet “Stan” our 40-foot Tyrannosaurus Rex replica, excavate dinosaur bones and see how earthquakes shake buildings. Bring $1 to feel the simulation of an actual prairie tornado in the Prairie Storm!

Freeze your shadow, bend light, and generate electricity! Then step into our new KSFY Broadcast Exhibit and learn more about news, weather and technology as you become the reporter or weather meteorologist.

How do owls hear? Find out in Nature Works’ interactive animal exhibits including a live, working beehive and animals native to South Dakota.

What happens when you put an empty potato chip bag in the microwave? What is sublimation? How does it feel lying on a bed of nails? Satisfy your inner mad scientist with exciting demonstrations from our new Stage Science, sponsored by Avera. Demonstrations subject to change.

Make astounding spirographic shapes, construct an architectural masterpiece out of blocks or play a tun on our Big Piano!

New exhibits include upgraded dance gaming system, fun physical activities and virtual reality bicycles. Try the popular horizontal rock wall and wheelchair racers. fit Zone, where fitness is fun! Fueled by Sanford Health.

Create and watch high speed films, or learn about simple machines and gears by interacting with our ball machine and gear wall. 

Let your imagination go wild in our new Imagination Playground area. Use blue blocks to create anything from bugs to robots to rollercoasters and more!