Programming Advisory Board

Program Advisory Board's mission is to communicate with, and seek advice from, regional professionals with expertise in key areas to support the program areas of the Washington Pavilion Management, Inc. (WPMI). These individuals will help to create community connections and act as ambassadors for the program areas of WPMI. 

Chief Operations Officer
Kerri DeGraff

Officers for the Programming Advisory Board:
Chair: Kristen Townsend
Vice-Chair: Amy Baete

Members of the Programming Advisory Board:

  • Amy Baete
  • Teresa Boysen
  • Bethany Buitenbos
  • Andrea Carstensen
  • Kendra Gottsleben
  • Michael Gramlick
  • Sara Lum
  • Micki Lundin
  • Lisa McElrath
  • Becky McElroy
  • Jim Nelson
  • Xavier Pastrano 
  • Kristen Townsend
  • Laurie Wenger