Details for Virtual Arts Night Attendees

Details for Virtual Arts Night Attendees

We are thrilled to have you joining us this evening for our VIRTUAL Arts Night: odyssey! Below is important information regarding the streaming of the event, as well as bidding information. 

We encourage you to log into both Zoom and ClickBid to really enjoy Virtual Arts Night!

To Participate Via Zoom:

Please join our Zoom meeting at the link in the gray box, we will start broadcasting at 6:15 p.m. with the evening kicking off at 6:30 p.m.

  • We encourage you to enable video throughout the entire event, our auctioneer will appreciate it and it will allow for other elements of interaction!
  • We ask that you remain muted, but we may ask you to unmute yourself at times during the program.
  • This will be in "Zoom Meeting" format - allowing you to choose between keeping the program full-screen or switching to gallery view to see all other viewers.

To Participate in the Auction:

All bidding will occur through ClickBid. Our Silent Auction is LIVE now! 

  • We will be doing all live auctions through ClickBid.
  • You will also have the option of viewing the live stream video within your ClickBid account. That stream begins at 6:30 p.m.
  • To begin the Live Stream on ClickBid, select LIVE in the top blue bar, as shown in the images below.  
Live Button
Video Icon


Important Information to Note:

  • The stream will be broadcast on Zoom and ClickBid
  • ClickBid video is for those on mobile devices who want to watch the program and bid at the same time while on a single smaller device
  • You can participate in a few different ways:
    • Join Zoom to watch on your computer and bid with ClickBid on the same computer
    • Join Zoom to watch on your computer and bid with ClickBid on your mobile phone
      • Recommended Option
    • Join ClickBid to watch on your phone and bid with ClickBid on the same mobile phone

Not necessary to have video open on both Zoom and ClickBid.