Spinosaurus Dinosaurs

Spinosaurus Dinosaurs

Main Ave. and 12th St. by the Giant Car Lever

Our Spinosauri (singular: Spinosaurus) reside near the southeast entrance to the Washington Pavilion, at the corner of Main Ave. and 12th St. by the Giant Car Lever. Our Spinosauri can’t wait to have you visit – but please don’t climb on them.

Fun Facts

  • Meaning: “Spine Lizard”
  • Length: 41 to 59 feet
  • Weight: 7 to 23 tons
  • Size: Largest carnivorous dinosaur that existed
  • Diet: Survived primarily on fish; scientists believe its eating habits resembled that of modern-day crocodiles.
  • Time Period Lived: North Africa during the Cretaceous Period
  • Human to Spinosaurus Comparison:



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Spinosaurus Installation Video

Dinosaur Discovery

Dinosaur Discovery

Step back into prehistoric times and meet dinosaurs like the Dakotaraptors, the Pterosaur, Triceratops and others.